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  • Lumen Drones

    lumen drones

    (ECM 470 0688) The lovely, woody Hardanger fiddle is most closely associated with Norwegian folk music, even when in the hands of Nils Økland, who has brought that folky sound thoroughly up to date with a wider, more jazzy and… Read More ›

  • British Jazz Award winners

    Zigby Fairweather's Half Dozen - best small group

    The winners of the mainly mainstream British Jazz Awards, masterminded by Big Bear Music, were announced last week. They are as follows: Trumpet: Steve Waterman Trombone: Mark Nightingale Clarinet: Alan Barnes Alto saxophone: Soweto Kinch Tenor saxophone: Karen Sharp Piano:… Read More ›

  • Tubes extend their second coming

    Loose Tubes on their first reappearance at the 2014  Cheltenham International Jazz Festival  (Photo © John Watson/

    There were all sorts of warnings: “we’re only doing a few gigs”, “we don’t want to be our own tribute act”, or words to that effect… But they must have been happy with how those few gigs went because Loose Tubes are… Read More ›

  • Luc Ex’ Assemblée


    (Red Note RN19) Luc Ex is a Dutch acoustic bass guitarist and for this album he has Ingrid Laubrock on tenor and soprano saxophones, Ab Baars on tenor saxophone and shakuhachi, and Hamid Drake on drums. It’s recorded live and… Read More ›


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