CD review

CD review: Antonio Adolfo

Finas Misturas (AAM 0705) The title means Fine Mixture, and the fine mixture here is not only the choice of tunes – some of Brazilian pianist Adolfo’s own compositions; some jazz classics by Coltrane, Jarrett, Gillespie and others – but… Read More ›

CD review: Tessa Souter

Beyond The Blue (Motema MTM-87) Not only has London-born, New York-resident Tessa Souter brought together a fine band for her fourth album (her second on the Motema label); she has enlisted some big-name composers, too. How about Ludwig van Beethoven,… Read More ›

CD review: Soweto Kinch

The Legend Of Mike Smith (Soweto Kinch Recordings SKP003CD) Strong stories, a sense of theatre and social satire have always been an integral part of Soweto Kinch’s music. But the saxophonist and hip-hop artist has gone further than ever before… Read More ›


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