Birmingham Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Jacky Naylor, on the Symphony Hall Stage last night (I stole this pic from Jacky's Facebook Timeline - I hope he doesn't mind)

Birmingham Jazz Orchestra

Symphony Hall Stage, Birmingham UK 21-09-2016 This Jazzlines gig was also the official launch of Rough Boundaries, Birmingham Jazz Orchestra’s second album since its formation in 2014. Jacky Naylor, composer and conductor of this suite consisting of musical portraits of five… Read More ›


Trygve Seim – Rumi Songs

(ECM) Like pianist Tord Gustvasen, saxophonist Trygve Seim is working with Sufi poetry and with a singer, and the results are similarly successful though very different in their sound and style. Seim – a very active player within the ECM stable, especially… Read More ›

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