“My song to the stars”

That’s how pianist and composer Steve Tromans describes Musickosmos, his latest composition for the Steve Tromans Debop Band. It gets its premiere outing on Friday at the Symphony Hall foyer Rush Hour Blues session.

Steve has stretched this audience before – once with his reinterpretation of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme. This time it’s all his own work, a four-movement, 80-minute-long piece c0-commissioned by Birmingham Jazz and Town Hall Symphony Hall as part of THSH’s Sounds Of Space weekend.

“[Musickosmos] is in part named in celebration of the extraordinary positive power of music-making (‘musicking’) in uniting past, present and future in the musical ‘moment’,” Steve explains. “It also celebrates our hopeful and continued optimism in the face of an indifferent, often hostile, universe.”

The Debop Band comprises Steve on piano, Miles Levin on drums, Chris Mapp on bass and Aaron Diaz on trumpet. The rehearsals are going well, Steve tells me, and the sound, he promises, really will be “cosmic” with both Aaron and Chris using effects pedals and the like to extend the sound possibilities of their instruments.

You can hear Musickosmos at 5.30pm on Friday. Just think: the universe in music, and all for free!

Find out more about Steve and this project here and find out more about the Sounds Of Space weekend here

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