Late reminder: Golden Age Of Steam tonight

Golden Age of Steam is reeds player James Allsop, drummer Tim Giles and Kit Downes playing organ. They are playing at the Jazz Club this evening. The venue is The Rainbow in Digbeth, the start time is 9pm and tickets are £4 on the door. This is a Birmingham Jazz gig.

The band was formed by Allsop primarily to play his compositions.

On the band’s truly dreadful looking MySpace site (mind you, what MySpace site looks nice?), Allsop explains: “These compositions attempt to create new structural spaces for improvisation by establishing highly ambiguous sound worlds that explore the intangible area in between rhythm, tonality and total improvisational freedom. These pieces are inspired by the combination of anarchic playfulness and formal logics of Ligeti’s music, the joyous saxophone thunder of Coltrane and Ayler and the twisted lyricism of Captain Beefheart…amongst many other wonderful people…”

Read more:

And if you can’t quite figure out what all those big words mean, here’s an alternative view of the Golden Age Of Steam:

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  1. don’t slag off our myspace!

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