Ask not what you can do for Jazz Services, ask what Jazz Services can do for you

And then tell them!

That’s the plan for this month of October. Jazz Services, the charitable support organisation for jazz music in the UK, is conducting a “needs of the jazz community” survey and wants to know what you want of it.

If you are a musician, a promoter, a punter, involved in the technical side of the music, whatever your interest, all you have to do is go to The Jazz Site and fill in the short questionnaire – it only took me a couple of minutes – linked at the end of this post. Remember, if you don’t tell them, they won’t know!

Here is the full story:

Jazz Services Ltd is giving members of the UK jazz community the opportunity to voice their needs. This comes as part of a consultation project, commissioned by the All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group (APPJAG) and launched by Jazz Services. The purpose of the exercise is to ascertain the needs of the UK jazz constituency, to address those needs and ensure that the jazz scene in the UK continues to grow develop and maintain its vibrancy in the light of public sector cuts and an historical imbalance in the public funding of jazz.

Bob Blizzard, Chair of the Jazz Services board, says, “Whoever you are in the jazz sector – musician, promoter, educator, producer, broadcaster, journalist, writer, listener or gig-goer; whether your organisation is large or small, we want to hear from you! What does jazz need to grow and widen its audience, nurture excellence and enhance its future? Tell us so that others can hear from you!”

The first phase of the consultation took place in November (2011) at the Jazz Open Space Conference funded by the Musicians’ Union. Reports from the day can be found at

The second phase is a consultation exercise using an online questionnaire. Details of the online survey will be emailed to the jazz constituency (That’s what you are reading now – ed) and there will be a four week period in which to respond.

The results from the questionnaire, along with desk and qualitative research, will be analysed and the findings presented to APPJAG in December 2012. The exercise is being undertaken using volunteer help. An Editorial Board has been established under the chair of Noel Dennis, Associate Dean of the Glasgow School for Business and Society – Glasgow Caledonian University – and Editor in Chief of Arts Marketing, an International Journal.

Oversight will be undertaken by the Editorial Board, the Jazz Services Touring, Educational and International Panels, along with editorial help from Roger Thomas, the Editor of Jazz UK. The report will be signed off by the board of Jazz Services and delivered to APPJAG.

So, now you know. To fill in the survey, go here.

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