Planetary jazz will orbit you in Derby tonight

Orrery_12_MAINThe sun will be there, all the planets, and their moons. They’ll be moving around you in jazz time, courtesy of composer and vibes player Corey Mwamba and his new piece Orrery, which gets its premiere this evening.

Derby Jazz’s Geoff Wright explains: “To celebrate Derby Jazz’s 30th anniversary we have commissioned Corey to write a suite of new music for a specially created nine piece ensemble of musicians from Derby and the East Midlands which includes Tony Kofi, Julian Siegel, Joshua Blackmore and Jan Kopinski, all players of international repute.

“The music is inspired in part by Joseph Wright of Derby’s wonderful painting of 1776, in which people watch a clockwork model of our planetary system, an orrery. It also draws parrallels between our solar system and the jazz ensemble with its rhythm section creating energy and gravity for a brass, reeds, voice and string front line of different planets.

Orrery will be played twice at this premiere. For the first ‘promenade’ set you, the audience, will be the cosmic dust through which six musicians will orbit the rhythm section, their sun.  For the second set the same music will be played in a more conventional format from the stage.”

The full line-up for this evening is Corey Mwamba – vibes; Deborah Jordan – voice; Jan Kopinski, Julian Siegel, Tony Kofi – reeds; Alex Suckling – trumpet; Graham Clark – violin; Dave Kane – bass; Joshua Blackmore – drums.

The planets start revolving shortly after 8pm in the Darwin Suite at the Assembly Rooms in Derby, and tickets and more information are available here.

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