Festive 50: the countdown fun starts here

natAt last, the work is done. The accumulated CD reviews from this year on thejazzbreakfast have been recycled into a tasteful string of looped crepe-paper chains about the jazz kitchen and the first ten have now been hung.

Numbers 50 down to 41 seem to be dominated by the Poms, with a little toe in from the States and Canada. Maybe that’s an indication that British jazz is on a bit of a roll. Or maybe that’s just my taste. We’ll see how it develops as the numbers diminish. Oh, and to relieve the tired eye, they’ll be some nifty and irrelevant Christmas album covers adorning the page and changing as we go through the countdown.

Hope you enjoy them – and the music. For the Festive 50: 50-41 go here.

Categories: CD review

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