The Django who’s always been unchained

Django Bates

Django Bates

BBC Radio 3’s Jazz on 3 programme this evening looks unmissable. As Jez Nelson explains:

“This week everyone’s talking about Django – no, I’m not referring to Quentin Tarantino’s bloody new thriller – instead to British jazz composer and equally thrilling pianist Django Bates. Find out why Belovèd might just be the band that unchains him from the ‘Loose Tubes composer’ moniker, as Bates’ piano mastery shines in this stunning trio performance.
As you will hear from this gig it’s astounding how much the group has developed since it first began to reimagine Charlie Parker’s music three years ago, and Bates admits it has really become to feel like ‘his trio’. Highlights include Billie’s Bounce where Parker’s famous blues is ingeniously fragmented and gradually deconstructed over complex rhythmic playing from Peter Brunn on drums and Petter Eldh on bass. Sensitive moments come on Ah Leu Cha and the Bates-penned Senza Bitterness, where his cascading lines and flourishes at the keyboard really dazzle. Django also drops into the studio to talk about his recent jazz dreams and dancing around after a day’s work, while I probe his influences by putting him to the MP3 shuffle test, revealing disco, Mexican orchestral music and plenty in between.”

Find out more here. And if you have to miss the unmissable this evening, remember you have another seven days to catch it on the iPlayer.

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