CD review: Antonio Adolfo

fineFinas Misturas
(AAM 0705)

The title means Fine Mixture, and the fine mixture here is not only the choice of tunes – some of Brazilian pianist Adolfo’s own compositions; some jazz classics by Coltrane, Jarrett, Gillespie and others – but also the organic interaction between the pianist and his band.

As is the way if you want to do things in the Brazilian manner, there are two guitarists, one electric and one acoustic, and flute also plays a prominent role.

Floresta Azul (Blue Forest), an Adolfo original, sets the mood at medium to quick tempo, and Balada shows the band’s slower side. It may be Giant Steps that follows, but these are strides taken with gentle elegance in shoes of the softest leather.

Elsewhere, Jarrett’s Memories Of Tomorrow gets a thoroughly sensitive reading, with full exploration of its melodic nooks and crannies by Adolfo and electric guitarist Leo Amuedo, but where are Naima‘s crucial final rising chords?

Overall an album that isn’t going to change the world, but a pleasant reminder that the Brazilian sensibility brought to bear upon familiar material is always a sweet listen.

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