Cheltenham Jazz Festival: Gary and Mike together again

JB-gary-burton-michael-gibbs-001-jazzcameraWhen I was a first-year mainly rock-loving student at the University of Cape Town, I bought an album called Throb. It was by the vibraphonist Gary Burton, leading a quintet of violinist Richard Greene (maybe that’s why I bought it – I knew Richard’s playing from a rock-blues outfit called Sea Train), guitarist Jerry Hahn, bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bill Goodwin.

It was easily accessible to me because in there with the jazz was a strong country rock feel. And the songs really hit the spot, too. Clean, clear and witty. Four of the nine were written by Michael Gibbs. I listened to that album a lot when I should have been studying. The year was 1970.

Yesterday, I heard The New Gary Burton Quartet playing at the Jazz Arena as part of the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. The gig before this in the same venue was the Mike Gibbs Ensemble.

So, thanks to the generosity of ace jazz photographer John Watson, here are Gary and Mike backstage in between those two great gigs.

An historic meeting indeed!. Now I’m going to have to go in search of a CD of Throb to replace that Atlantic LP I wore out 43 years ago.

Photo © John Watson/ For John’s Cheltenham gallery go here

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  1. Rhino had it paired with Gary Burton Keith Jarrett on CD a few years back – both essential (re)acquisitions 🙂

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