CD review: Klökkeblömst


This is a Danish trio comprising Peter Danstrup on acoustic bass guitar, Anders Banke on tenor saxophone and Anders Provis on drums and cymbals.

While all three musicians play the conventional roles of their instruments for the most part this still doesn’t end up sounding like your usual saxophone trio album.

Perhaps it is the nature of the compositions. They are all by Danstrup but he describes them as “Songs that could have been Danish”, explaining that they are strongly influenced by the kind of songs sung in schools – maybe they were old folks songs, maybe they were patriotic ones.

Certainly what Dastrup has come up with are songs that one is soon whistling along to – well, some of the time anyway. One moment they sound folky, the next like a jazz ballad, the next quite free, and the next like some countrified Monk. And then a tune like Ballad to John T (whom I assume is John Tchicai with whom Danstrup often played) will halfway through acquire an indie beat and head off on a new direction…

The playing and the interaction in the trio is compelling and Danstrup fills things out nicely with chord playing at times.

A charming album which is both musically adventurous and easy to live with. And that’s a clever combo to pull off. Beautifully packaged, too.

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