Silk launches Big Band album tonight

Jonathan Silk

Jonathan Silk

Silk doesn’t have to be smooth and restricted to the evening blouses of elegant ladies – it can be powerful and exciting, subtly lithe and full of sinuous horn lines and propulsive beats. That’s if the Silk is drummer Jonathan and he is leading his Big Band.

The band launches its debut album, Uncouth – though it’s anything but – at the Old Joint Stock Theatre in central Birmingham at 8pm this evening, and it’s a stunningly good disc.

The featured soloist is Percy Pursglove on trumpet, but the band contains a whole heap of excellent players so there is no shortage of vibrant improvisations. There is a cracking rhythm team of Any Bunting on piano, Tobie Carpenter on guitar, Nick Jurd on bass and Silk on drums. Among the other players are Colin Mills on baritone saxophone, Kieran McLeod on trombone and Mike Adlington on trumpet, and the ensemble work is richly textured, with superb writing and arranging from Jonathan.

Check them out this evening and buy the CD – it’s a real treat. More info here.

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