From Mahogany to Anderson – ReVoice! is coming

It’s getting close to October, and what that means for fans of vocal jazz is a damn fine festival of the stuff. It’s called ReVoice! and it’s the brainchild of London-based jazz singer Georgia Mancio.

Kevin Mahogany

Kevin Mahogany

For ReVoice! 2013 (10-19 October) Georgia has lined up singers Kevin Mahogany, Carleen Anderson, Beate S Lech, Tina May, Allan Harris and Carmen Souza. It’s not just about voices, either, with pianist Enrico Pieranunzi and saxophonist Tony Kofi also on the bill.

Mahogany – that name is perfect, his tones as richly dark and durable as the wood – has drawn comparisons with Johnny Hartman and Joe Williams. He opens the festival with two nights at the Pizza Express (the whole festival is based there) with a British trio.

Carleen Anderson – the Texas born singer might be best known for her work with the Young Disciples, but there is a whole lot more to her as a singer – closes it a week later.

In between the music ranges from vocal Ornette Coleman, courtesy of Barbara Raimondi with Kofi, to the sinuous electro-blues of Lech in her Beady Belle band. Georgia herself works hard, not only in arranging the whole thing but in singing the support slots.

For the full line-up and to book your tickets, go here.

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