Time to give Edition Records a big hug and make them a cup of tea

Think of it as the handsome, stylish and successful young Welshman who has just been jilted in favour of an older, more worldly, dashing German… so how’s this for dignity in defeat?

PRESS RELEASE: Marius Neset to join the ACT label

In July 2010, we witnessed a concert by an unknown Norwegian saxophonist performing his final recital at the Rhythmic Conservatoire in Copenhagen. Every aspect of it was spellbinding and we knew immediately that we wanted to work with him and share our exciting new discovery with the world. In just over 3 years and 2 albums later, Marius Neset has become one of the most exciting and compelling jazz musicians to emerge in recent years.

It is, however, very disappointing for us to announce that Marius Neset will be leaving to join the ACT label. We have valued and will continue to value his friendship well into the future and we proudly reflect on working with such talent. Marius has been at the forefront of Edition since he joined, appearing on 4 albums; 2 as a bandleader, in duo with Daniel Herskedal and also with label boss Dave Stapleton.

As Marius explains: ‘I’m extremely happy to have made my first records with Edition Records. Edition has had a very important role in helping me to get where I am today in my musical life, much because they believed in me and my music from the beginning and took the chance to release Golden Xplosion. I am very thankful for what they did for my albums Golden Xplosion and Birds. Edition is one of those fantastic labels that are willing to give talented musicians a chance to get a great music carrier, and that has meant everything to me.’

All of us at Edition would like to wish Marius the best of luck with his future career and feel honoured to be have been a part of what we are sure will be an exciting journey.


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  1. Peter I’m going to attempt to out-anorak you here and probably get it wrong. I have it in mind that Dave comes from Pulborough in West Sussex

    • Rather than referring to the label main men, I was anthropomorphising the labels themselves: Edition lives in Cardiff, ACT in Munich. Hence the hug and cuppa was for Edition, not Mr Stapleton (or Mr Dickeson, for that matter).

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