Pursglove and Bain to reside at Yorks every Monday

Percy Pursglove

Percy Pursglove

A recent delight has been my discovery of Yorks Bakery Cafe in Newhall Street, Birmingham (just near the corner with Colmore Row). It has a lovely atmosphere and the kind of understated style that one associates with cafes in places like Brooklyn or the cooler parts or London, rather than our own adorable though sometimes less imaginative city.

Now Yorks has added the cherry on the top of the cake of the day with a regular Monday jazz evening. Trumpeter/double bassist Percy Pursglove and drummer Andrew Bain are the brains behind the evening, and as musicians-in-residence they will be inviting different musicians to play each week.

It all begins tonight and this evening Percy and Andrew are joined by Mike Williams on alto saxophone, Gareth Fowler on guitar and Nick Jurd on bass.

It’s not a late one – 7pm to 9.30pm so it’s OK to go on a school night. And there is 2 for 1 pizza on offer, too.

Irresistible is the word. For more about what’s on at Yorks, go here.

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