Feel the saxophones Surge on Saturday

Sid Peacock and Surge Saxophones

Sid Peacock and Surge Saxophones

Sid Peacock wanted to play the saxophone from an early age, but the nearest he got was a toy one. In the end the guitar became his instrument, but that ache for the serpentine horn hasn’t gone away, and he satisfies it  by writing for the instrument. For quite a few of them, actually.

Surge Saxophones is the four-man section from Sid’s jazz orchestra, heard to great effect at the mac and elsewhere in 2011, and they are back at the mac’s Hexagon on Saturday evening.

This is the inaugural performance in Sid’s year-long stint as a mac associate artist. In the coming months not only will we be treated to performances by a specially formed youth band but Surge will return in its multifarious splendour, too.

Sid is constantly writing new music for his players, and is full of admiration for the four saxophonists he has worked with for quite a few years now: Lluis Mather, Huw Morgan, Chris Morgan and Nick Rundle. “They just take everything I throw at them – and some of it is quite tricky,” he says.

In between those tricky bits, he makes sure they have some freedom, not only to improvise on his themes but to explore the almost completely unfettered realms of free jazz. “It can get pretty crazy,” Sid adds with an appreciative grin.

  • Hear the Surge Saxophones with added drums and video images, at the mac on Saturday. It starts at 8pm, and there is more information here.

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