Atzmon tonight with added Sirkis

Yaron Stavi and Gilad Atzmon

Yaron Stavi and Gilad Atzmon

Israeli-born saxophonist Gilad Atzmon is celebrating his 50th birthday this year and his 20th year in Britain, with a tour of music from his band’s most recent album, Songs From The Metropolis.

Individual pieces conjur up individual cities: Paris is deeply romantic and moves from delicate retro-clarinet to impassioned soprano saxophone via accordion, while Tel Aviv moves at a swift pace and into a very dark mood. Among the other metropoli, Atzmon identifies Buenos Aires with pathos, Vienna with charm and sweetness, and plays Manhattan “in loving memory of America”.

Frank Harrison is on piano and other keyboards, Yaron Stavi on double bass and original Orient House drummer Asaf Sirkis is back in for Eddie Hick on drums. Altogether they make a wonderfully adept and adaptable group.

Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble are at The Arena, Wolverhampton, at 8pm, and tickets are £12 on the door.


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