When the music stops the shooting begins

Tom Harrison

Tom Harrison

Jazz meets film in saxophonist Tom Harrison’s latest venture which comes to Birmingham on Friday. With pianist Robert Mitchell, double bassist Larry Bartley and drummer David Lyttle, Tom’s Film Music Project takes famous film scenes and their musical soundtracks as its starting points, and then explores these from a jazz quartet perspective.

Or, as the Birmingham Jazz publicity puts it:

Everybody loves film! And behind every definitive scene, underpinning every actor’s move is music. Enrico Morricone’s famous theme from The Good The Bad And The Ugly, or [John] Williams’ iconic theme from E.T. This project is a celebration of the work of these great artists of the silver screen. As an ensemble, the band explores the famous scenes of film, and their music, drawing on these more commercial reference points, and using them as a springboard for composition/improvisation – just as has more traditionally has been done with songs from the shows. Famous themes appear and are explored in a jazz context, paired with original compositions that are an alternative response to the film scene in question.

Here’s a little reminder of a time when cinema-goers could handle an unhurried scene:

Due to the multimedia demands of Tom Harrison’s Film Music Project, this gig is not at Birmingham Jazz’s usual haunt, but at another pub also renowned for its good beer: the Barton Arms in Aston.

It starts at 7.45pm, tickets are £14, and there is more here.


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