Marta Sánchez Quintet – Partenika

partenika(Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT470)

Spanish pianist Marta Sánchez works out of New York and for this album, her second, she has Jerome Sabbagh on tenor saxophone, Román Filiú on alto, Sam Anning on bass and Jason Burger on drums.

She explains how her compositions this time around are not “based in a single melody over a set of chord changes” but rather “the textures of the pieces… are based on counterpoint”.

The result is we get interweaving lines of writing developing into solos and then reasserting themselves. It’s music that sacrifices some immediate appeal with fewer “hooks” to hang one’s interest on, but counters that with deeper rewards on repeated listening.

There are some dry but drop-dead-gorgeous harmony lines she gives the saxophones, and the timbral riches of this band are well served by the recording: the bass is deep and one can almost hear the scrape of fingerprint across string, the drums are well recorded with a particularly unsplashy cymbal sound, and Sánchez’s piano plays like sunlight through the windblown clouds of saxophone.

Beautiful writing beautifully played. A fine and fresh sounding album.

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