Man of the Match – Gene Calderazzo

Man of the Match jbreakfastPictures and report by Garry Corbett

Partisans played an energetic and power filled gig at the Arena Theatre Wolverhampton on Saturday.

Concentrating on material from their Parliamentary Jazz Award-winning album Swamp they took us through tricky time changes and atmospheric soundscapes filled with sonic adventure with some edge-of-the-seat soloing by all concerned along the way.

Guitarist Phil Robson reminded us that Partisans have been together as a band for 20 years now. Twenty years that have seen the development of their signature sound over numerous well received albums. Sticking together for that unique sound’s development has certainly paid off when it comes to live performance. Watching them at work at close quarters is a joy because they seem to have a lot of fun doing what they do.

Those tricky time signatures and lightning fast changes of direction are also a joy to behold by watching drummer Gene Calderazzo at work behind his kit. His big personality steers things through those changes with incredible energy and verve. Hugely animated and watchful as he plays, he’s a nightmare for a photographer to capture in the dim light of performance, but a pleasure to behold. All of the band members played with absolute conviction giving their all to take the material from Swamp to another level. That said my Man of the Match award goes to: Gene Calderazzo!

  • You will have another opportunity to see Partisans up close and personal at the Red Lion in Hockley B18 6NG on Thursday 19 November when Birmingham Jazz bring them to the venue. More here.
  • The next event at the Arena is on 3 December when Jazz @ Wolverhampton brings Zoe Rahman’s Trio to their excellent small theatre. More here.

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