Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil – Two Friends. One Century of Music

two friends(MultiShow/Sony Music)

The two Brazilian superstars have been touring since June 2015 with just their two acoustic guitars, their two voices and 50 years apiece of experience as songwriters and performers.

Their concerts are clearly magical things, and if you think a couple of hours of songs, mostly in languages you don’t understand, might drag a little, this example, recorded over two nights in Sao Paulo, is more reassurance than anyone could need.

It’s exquisite stuff from start to finish. Mostly the pair sing in Portuguese, but there are also songs in English, Spanish and Italian. Naturally, with catalalogues of their own bursting at the seams, most of the tunes are their own, including Veloso’s Tropicália and Gil’s Domingo No Parque, but they do other people’s too, with expert interpretations of Simon Diaz’s Tonada De Luna LLena and the classic Come Prima, for example.

It’s hugely pleasurable as two audio discs, but just imagine – and the crowd’s ecstatic responses confirm it – how wonderful it would have been to be there? In fact, we will get that chance here in the UK before long – well, we will if we already have tickets: Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil are at the Barbican in London on Wednesday 4 May, but the show is sold out.

Disappointed not to have got tickets? Keep an eye here and in the meantime, buy this album.

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