Lines For Ladies – Live!

live(HGBS Blue Records)

The band title is a play on the Gerry Mulligan tune Lines For Lyons, and is the brain child of two German singers, Anne Czichowsky and Sabine Kühlich (Sabine also plays alto saxophone).

They added the German/Turkish Laia Genc on piano and vocals, and then persuaded an American living in Denmark, Kristin Korb, to add her vocals and bass,. The piece de resistance was gettting the grande dame of adventurous vocal jazz, Sheila Jordan, to join them for a six-concert tour.

This album is a recording from the final night of that tour, at the Domicile Jazzclub in Pforzheim.

As a display of what riches are still to be found in bebop harmony singing, in scat and in vocalese, it doesn’t get much better.

Listen to the tight harmony vocalese on Kühlich’s Delicious And Lovely, how Jordan, the groups self-confessed “spiritual mother”, work her telephone numbers into an improvisation and leads from a Native American song into Jimmy Webb’s The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress.

There are sumptuous vocal arrangements by Czichowsky on Duke Pearson’s Idle Moments and Charles Trenet’s Wish You Love, and a nifty adaptation of a Chet Baker scat solo on the Gershwin classic But Not For Me.

The whole thing is, as in Kristin Korb’s composition, Something To Celebrate.

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