Conservatoire students past and present line up for a Fringe event

Rachael Cohen (Photo © Brian Homer)

Rachael Cohen (Photo © Brian Homer)

Every festival worth the name deserves a Fringe, and so it is with Birmingham Conservatoire’s City Of Sounds, programmed to bid farewell to the Adrian Boult Hall.

Happening in a different part of town on Friday 17 June, featuring a fine array of Birmingham Conservatoire students and alumni, the venue is The Jewellers Arms, 23 Hockley St, Birmingham, B18 6BW, and the event is the JQ JAZZ End of Year Party:

Organiser Chris Young tells me: “Basically we have 20 musicians spanning over a decade, all from college!” The line-up has alto saxophonist Rachael Cohen returning from London to headline the evening with a trio, and also features a big new ensemble led by bassist Ben Muirhead to round things off before a late-night jam session:

Harry Weir Trio: Harry Weir (tenor), Aram Bahmaie (bass), David Sugden (drums).

Ben Lee Quintet: Chris Young (alto), Richard Foote (trombone), Ben Lee (guitar), David Ferris (organ), Euan Palmer (drums).

Rachael Cohen Trio: Rachael Cohen (alto), Mark Lewandowski (bass), Jim Bashford (drums).

Stepmother Jag:  Ben Murihead (bass), Christos Stylianides (trumpet), Vittorio Mura (bass clarinet), Alicia Gardner-Trejo (baritone), Elliot Sansom (keyboards), Allan Young (guitar), Nathan England-Jones (drums), Max Tomlinson (percussion), Luke Morrish-Thomas (electronics).

Jam session

Entry is only £10 – gosh, that’s just 50p a musician!

  • More about the JQ Jazz End of Year Party HERE.
  • And the City Of Sounds is covered in another post HERE.

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