The most inspiring letter from the hardest-working musician in the country?

Nigel Price

Nigel Price

Two bold claims there I know, and borrowed shamelessly from the kind of overwrought style-shite that abounds on social media. But have a read of this and see if in this instance such hyperbole might not be bloody well spot on. I make no apology for having ripped this off wholesale from guitarist Nigel Price’s Facebook timeline. If he objects I am sure I will hear from him in no uncertain terms.

And do check out the dates at the end – there is bound to be one near you. This man needs our support!

Here is his post in full:

I felt as dejected as the next person when funding for jazz touring was lost in 2014.
I kinda stewed on it.
I knew it wouldn’t stop me because I’m a tenacious twat with the wherewithal to tackle a big application direct to the Arts Council.
But I felt bad for all the young musicians who would miss out on the opportunity to tour the UK and develop themselves.
And also the venues who relied on the same funding.
I have spoken to many promoters around the country who are literally one bad turnout away from closing.
We need an interface between musicians and the Arts Council, of that there is no doubt, as precious few will take on these torturous forms.
I’m sure (and I hope) the tour support will return soon.
So, in the meantime, whilst I couldn’t directly help that lost generation financially I felt I could try to boost attendances across the UK and do what I could to keep the flame alive on my watch if I were to encourage links between colleges and local jazz venues as well as attracting others via workshops.
As well as get a no nonsense team of badasses to join me on the mission, of course…
Matt Home, Vasilis Xenopoulos, Alex Garnett, Ross Stanley, Steve Brown, Dean Masser and Brandon Allen are all involved.
There will be other special guests too.
I got my teeth right into this one and I shot for the GODDAM MOON!
Ain’t no doubt about that.
I have sweated blood over this for the last 18 months, during a particularly difficult patch of life too.
People who know me well will know how horrendous the last couple of years have been for us.
Anybody who has organised a tour will know what an absolutely monumental achievement this is, and how absolutely soul destroying it can be whilst in the midst of it.
I am pleased to say that I did, in fact, HIT the goddam moon and with the help of the Arts Council, this vision of a ‘shot in the arm’ for the UK jazz scene is now an actual reality.
56 concerts, funding for 14 young support bands and 15 workshops, the proceeds of which are going directly to the clubs.
Without wishing to be too gushing, patronising or cause any raising of eyebrows I just want any musicians out there who feel that all is lost in the current climate can look at this and realise that it IS possible.
Stick to your guns.
I hope some of you will come and join us at one or more of these.

The full dates are on Nigel’s poster here:

price poster

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  1. I just can’t believe I missed that comma after ‘and’ ten lines up from the end.
    Must try harder…

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