Sean Foran – Frame Of Reference


The pianist from Australian trio Trichotomy takes charge and expands his range with a debut album featuring players from this country. He has Stuart McCallum on guitar, Julian Argüelles on saxophone, Ben Davis on cello and Joost Hendrickx on drums.

Foran describes the music as more like chamber jazz, and stresses the atmospheric nature that is possible with these instruments, but the album does have quite a lot in common with his Trichotomy trio work too – catchy melodies, a strong sense of groove, an easily comprehended progression and development, as well as some nice pull and push, build and release.

Un Fille, track two, is a good reference point, showing Foran building from solo to an increasingly expansive and dramatic solo before handing over to Argüelles and then to a distinctly Asian sounding McCallum.

The inclusion of cello adds a lot to the band’s possibilities while the absence of bass is rarely felt. Pleasingly recorded and a lovely listen.

  • A variation of this band – with James Mainwaring in for Argüelles – is currently touring the UK. Having already played London and Dorking, they are in Nottingham tonight, Bristol tomorrow, Southampton on Friday and Liverpool on 11 October. Foran and McCallum will be playing as a duo in Newcastle on 9 October. Full details HERE

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