Derby does daily! Improvised music that is

Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell

There is a whole week – well, six consecutive days, the improv god having a good rest on the seventh – of creative invention and spontaneous interaction on offer in the East Midlands city later this month.

There are no fewer than seven gigs featuring 10 bands  between Saturday 22 and Wednesday 26, all under the banner of The Week, presented by the organisation Out Front. Preceding it is a Derby Jazz gig on Friday 21 October.

“What would Derby be like if it had live improvised music happening in the city for a week?” – that was the question in vibes player, Out Front musical activist and Derby resident Corey Mwamba’s head, and what better way to answer it than with The Week, Out Front’s programme of gigs. Corey is particularly keen to make this music accessible to all, so the performances are an hour in length and at child-friendly times. In addition, under-18s get in free.

The full programme of  The Week is:

Saturday 22 Oct: 6pm – Dave Kane Large Ensemble; 7.30pm – Yana.
Sunday 23 Oct: 3pm – Poulomi Desai; 5pm – Madwort’s Menagerie.
Monday 24 Oct: 6pm – Inclusion Principle/HTrio.
Tuesday 25 Oct: 6pm – Alex Bonney/Deemer.
Wednesday 26 Oct: Robert Mitchell/WHM.

  • For full details of the events, which are in various venues, go to The Week page on Out Front’s website HERE.

The Derby Jazz gig on Friday 21 Oct has the Alexander Hawkins Ensemble giving a full two-set evening performance from 8pm at The Voicebox.

  • Full details are HERE.

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