CD review

Tommy Andrews Quintet – The Crux

(Jellymould Jazz JM-JJ015) Some familiar faces from the young London scene here. With alto saxophonist/clarinettist Tommy Andrews are Nick Costley-White on guitar, Rick Simpson on piano, Dave Manington on double bass and Dave Hamblett on drums. Andrews explains his debut album’s title… Read More ›

Moskus – Mestertyven

(Hubro HUBROCD2535; HUBROLP3535) For every jazz group the relationship between pre-conceived elements and ones created on the fly is a complex one, and each group tackles it in their own way. The Norwegian trio of pianist Anja Lauvdal, bassist Fredrik… Read More ›

Black Top – #One

(Babel Label BDV14128) Black Top is a duo of marimba player Orphy Robinson and pianist/keyboards/electronics player Pat Thomas. They have developed a free improvisation style which incorporates their acoustic instruments with some basic electronic manipulation, and they like to have… Read More ›

Joshua Redman – Trios Live

(Nonesuch 541805) In recent years Joshua Redman has favoured the freedom and exposure in equal measure that the simple saxophone/bass/drums trio format gives him, certainly when playing live. Now he gives us the chance to enjoy the excitement of those… Read More ›


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