jazz at the arena

The Impossible Gentlemen

Reviewed by John Watson Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton UK 31-01-2015 There’s a chemistry among the finest groups that is unique to jazz, an extraordinary telepathy between the players combined with a selfless desire to allow the music to grow organically –… Read More ›

The Impossible Gentlemen

Jazz At The Arena, Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton UK 20-10-2013 All jazz groups incorporate solo improvisations, when one player explores the theme and his/her imagination to make a spontaneous creation in the here and now while the rest of the band… Read More ›

Zoe Rahman Quartet

Jazz At The Arena, Wolverhampton 05-10-2013 Review by John Watson The launch of a major jazz series in a city that has been starved of performances by international artists for many years is an occasion for great celebration, but it could… Read More ›